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Had a great exp. with Dr. Kumar and his whole team! Shout out to all the staff that helped me through my lasik procedure. I would recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone who is looking to get the best results possible. Dr. Kumar is a perfectionist and it shows in his work and dedication to his patients!


Love this office and thoroughly trust it with the health of my eyes!


Well the reviews for here are all over the place! I guess it depends on your own experience and preference. For me this was a very good experience. It's been a few years and that's my fault. Anyway they notified me by text that I was due for an exam and that was fine with me! I was already getting ready to do so since my vision had changed. I felt they were efficient and knowledgeable. Since I'm a senior no surprise on the cataracts especially since they mentioned it years ago. Of course now they are starting to bother me some. I declined the dilation but that was my mistake. By opening the pupil the doctor can better determine your current condition. Anyway I felt it was a very good exam and it moved along nicely so little waiting. While I know surgery will be needed there was no pressure put on me and I also received a prescription on my eyes. Now it's just up to me on the surgery and time will take care of that. Look if you want a state of the art exam and care I do like this place. Next time I'll get dilation though it means having someone to drive me home afterwards because your eyes stay dilated and bothered by sunlight. The doctor and the techs all were very competent so that rates a great rating!


I did the ICL surgery last week with Dr. Stahl and could not be more excited. I was pretty much blind without my contacts (didn't qualify for Lasik and glasses were severely disorienting) and now, just a week later, I am seeing clearly without any type of lenses. The refractive technician Lisa S. was great to work with and helped me get all my paperwork filled out. Not many standard eye places are used to dealing with my severe nearsightedness but this place was. Right after my initial consultation, they were able to put me on the surgery schedule so the entire process took less than 3 weeks. The ICL procedure has really changed my life, no more putting my finger in a water glass so I would know when it was full when the water touched my finger! Yeah, that's weird, but if you're almost blind, you understand.


Doctor Kumar is the best in the business for Lasik and I highly recommend this treatment.

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