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I was able to schedule an appointment for an eye exam quickly. They participate with my eye care insurance company and a neighbor recommended this practice. Another advantage is that they provide comprehensive eye care including cataract and lasik surgery. I was seen quickly and received a thorough eye exam. Everyone was friendly and caring, the professionals were competent too! I plan on returning to purchase eyeglasses, their optical department offers a good selection of frames and lens options. When the time comes, I will go here for cataract surgery.


Let's be honest - eye surgery is as odd as it sounds. When it is happening, you don't feel a thing, but you see everything, and it is weird. So, what thoughts run through your mind? I can say that for me it was - will this work out?, will there be a mistake?, was I right to try this? A lot is in your doctor's hands. It matters a great deal then, who your doctor is. Is he or she knowledgeable, caring, and precise? All I can say is that Dr. Kumar exceeded all my expectations. In the middle of the surgery itself, I had confidence that he knew what he was doing and was careful while doing it. I recommend him and his team wholeheartedly for anyone considering lasik or PRK (I had PRK).


Busy, busy place but I was pleased with the professional way they handled everything. Not pleased with my diagnosis however. But it's not their fault. Loved Dr. Mous (Mouse pronounced) he was a hoot. I would recommend them to anyone for excellent eye care.


I am a 68 year old retired military and airline pilot. Once my night vision became deficient I knew it was time to do something about my cataracts even though my vision seemed good enough for most activities with glasses. After a lot of research I chose Denver Eye Surgeons and Dr. Jan Stahl. Initially I chose Dr. Stahl for his work with the Crystalens implant which seemed like it might be a good choice for me. After a complete workup on my eyes and meeting with Dr. Stahl he indicated that he was discovering the Crystalens was lacking predictability and often required follow on treatment. That told me that Dr. Stahl was honest and someone I would trust and it also told me that the Crystalens was not my choice. Dr. Stahl suggested the ReSTOR IQ lens for my dominant eye which would give me predictably excellent distance vision but not close up vision. I had read so many negative things about multi focal lenses that it seemed to be a good choice. His suggestion was to have the dominant eye done with that lens and then take a week to make a decision on the non-dominant eye. I was impressed once again with his honesty since the IQ lens was essentially the 'free' Medicare lens. Money was not part of the decision process on my part but I knew he thought this would be the best lens for my dominant eye. One week following that surgery my dominant eye was tested at 20/15 and I knew I would appreciate a lens that might give me somewhat better near vision. We discussed the ReSTOR +2.5 multi focal lens which had only been approved in the U.S. for about 7 months although had been available in Europe for several years and had excellent reviews. My biggest concerns with multi focal lenses were halos or glare while night driving and the idea that it might take several months of 'neural adaptation'. Those are predictably frightening to the patient. Following the implantation of the ReSTOR +2.5 in my non-dominant eye those concerns evaporated. My 'neural adaptation' either amounted to about three eye blinks or was simply non-existent. With each of the eye operations it took 2 to 3 days for the vision to become crystal clear although it instantly was better than with the cataracts. So my experience was a very good one. My fears were misplaced. Night driving is once again a pleasure and a joy. I can tell slight differences between the two lens as far as glare or halos are concerned. The IQ lens for me displays no glare or halos from oncoming cars. The +2.5 has mild segmented rings around the headlights of oncoming cars if I focus on the headlights. Driving normally you don't focus on the oncoming headlights. The glare and halos I had with cataracts were making night driving dangerous. I will wear low power readers if I am doing precision wood working or reading a newspaper with low contrast print under dim light. For normal life no glasses are required. Where I had thought my vision wasn't all that bad with cataracts suddenly I discovered just how bad it had become once the first lens was done. An example was a shirt that I thought was gray with cream colored stripes turned out to be light blue with white stripes. Everything is much more vibrant, colorful, and bright. My computer monitor had been set to 100% brightness and is now at 30%. Think of comparing a color television from 1970 to a modern 4K flatscreen. The two lenses seem to work in conjunction with each other. Distance vision is virtually identical, mid distances surprise me because sometimes the IQ lens is sharper and of course near vision the +2.5 is the clear winner. The net result is vision that is excellent over all distances and at night. I would personally chose the same two lenses again. When I drove at night after the dominant eye operation with the IQ lens I was amazed at the sharp vision I had for the dashboard, controls, GPS and the road. It can be a somewhat emotional experience to suddenly have your vision so much improved. I highly recommend Dr. Stahl and Denver Eye Surgeons


I recently had LASIK done by Dr. Stahl at Denver Eye Surgeons. I could not be happier with the result, as I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire team at Denver Eye Surgeons!

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