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Pink Eye / Red Eye

What is Pink Eye / Red Eye?

Dry Eye DenverPink eye is a general term that means that the eye is red or bloodshot. There are many causes of pink eye. The most common cause is a contagious viral or bacterial infection that spreads with direct contact. When children get this type of contagious pink eye, they are often kept from attending school to avoid spread.

Other causes of pink eye include dry eyes, iritis, allergies, blepharitis, etc. Any pathology that results in inflammation on or around the eyes can cause red or irritated eyes.

Diagnosis requires a thorough ocular history and good eye exam with an eye doctor.

Treatment will depend upon the cause. Often drops help alleviate many symptoms of pink eye, whether it is infectious or from some other cause. Our doctors at Denver Eye Surgeons see pink eye regularly and they are very experienced in making the correct diagnosis and recommending the appropriate treatment.

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