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Denver LASIK surgeons give sight to thousands!
Denver LASIK Press Release – November 16, 2010

Denver Eye CenterAccording to a recent Harris Interactive survey**, 90 percent of LASIK patients are satisfied with its effects on their vision and 68 percent say that they are very satisfied. 94 percent of LASIK patients agree that LASIK has improved their lives. About four out of five reports that they are happier since the procedure (80 percent) and 79 percent of patients feel safer with corrected vision. In 2004, LASIK procedures in the U.S. increased by approximately 14 percent over the previous year - 1.124 million procedures were performed in 2003, 1.366 million in 2004 - and now it is estimated that 1.420 million people this year are expected to have this popular vision improvement procedure***.

Since its introduction over ten years ago, more than 10 million people worldwide have experienced LASIK, with the numbers increasing yearly. In the U.S. alone, up to 60 million eligible candidates experience some form of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, which can now be treated with LASIK. This procedure, which takes minutes to complete, has not only been shown to provide better than 20/20 vision in some cases but also improve one’s physical image and self-esteem.

The FDA has expanded the approval range of custom LASIK procedures for hyperopia (farsightedness,) a condition that affects 45 million Americans, as well as for astigmatism and mixed astigmatism, a condition difficult to treat with glasses and contacts. The FDA also approved treatment for those with high myopia, better known as severe nearsightedness. With the recent FDA approvals, wavefront technology can potentially increase overall LASIK popularity as doctors are now able to measure and correct the unique imperfections in vision, giving a more precise and personalized result. Please feel free to learn more about our wavefront optimized Allegretto LASER system. The Allegretto wave is one of laser vision correction’s finest excimer lasers.

* Source: The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
** Conducted on behalf of AMO (Advanced Medical Optics)
*** Source: Market Scope Report, 2005

Denver Eye Surgeons Provide Intralase Bladeless Technology
Denver LASIK Press Release – November 16, 2010

IntralaseIn the event that you have been researching LASIK eye surgeons in Denver, Colorado, we wanted to let you know that our practice offers the latest blade-free LASIK technology to go with a state of the art excimer laser. Blade-free LASIK with Intralase is reported to be a safer alternative than traditional LASIK with a microkeratome. Our Denver LASIK surgeons are dedicated to providing our patients with the best technology for the best possible outcomes.

Intralase LASIK advantages as reported by Intralase Corporation (now owned by Abbott Medical Optics)

Intralase Advantages:

  • More precise flap creation
  • More precise flap thickness
  • More uniform flap creation
  • Larger candidacy potential

Whether you are seeking traditional LASIK or Blade-FREE LASIK eye surgery, we have compiled a list of benefits. Many patients often say that they wished they had done it sooner and do not know why they suffered from contact lenses for as long as they did. If you are seeking a Denver LASIK surgeon that performs blade-free LASIK and would like more information, please visit our page dedicated to blade-free LASIK.

LASIK eye surgery Benefits:

  1. Decreased dependency on glasses or contacts
  2. Ability to get up and GO!
  3. Convenience with travel
  4. Decreased risk of contact lens-related corneal infections
  5. Clear, natural vision
  6. Major lifestyle advantages with sports
  7. Improved appearance with NO glasses
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