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Karma Inlay logoMany people relish the wisdom and changes that come with getting older but hate dealing with failing eyesight. At one time, you were probably able to see everything in front of you without having to try too hard. Now, even reading a simple book or a text message on your phone can seem difficult and frustrating. For those that are ready to live a life without reading glasses or contacts, there’s another way.

What Is KAMRA Inlay?

The KAMRA Inlay is a state of the art procedure for those that are looking to lose their reading glasses. The KAMRA Inlay is an inpatient procedure that’s easily performed at your ophthalmologist’s office. KAMRA is designed for people who are over 40 years of age and suffering from the frustrating side effects of presbyopia, or near vision loss. Near vision loss occurs as eyes age. When eyes begin to age, they also start to lose their flexibility. This loss of flexibility leads to the eye having difficulty focusing when using near vision. Many people with presbyopia wear reading glasses or contacts to try and regain their vision, but these are both only temporary solutions to the problem.

The KAMRA Inlay procedure is known for being quick, and almost completely painless. Before the procedure begins, you will be given numbing drops to keep you comfortable during the Inlay process. After the numbing drops have been administered, you will feel a slight amount of pressure. This is common and part of the KAMRA procedure. Your ophthalmologist will then use a laser to create a sliver of a pocket in the cornea. The small pocket is where the KAMRA Inlay is placed and in only one eye. The KAMRA is only placed in one eye to help patients see better, both up close and far away. After the procedure is completed, it is not uncommon to experience a temporary sensitivity to light, as well as excessive tearing. Both symptoms can be treated with medication that your ophthalmologist provides you with.

Before Karma Inlay diagram

After Karma Inlay diagram

The Recovery Process

After the procedure, many patients can return to work within 24-48 hours. Many patients also report seeing improvements in their vision in the first week after having the KAMRA Inlay inserted, though it can take longer, depending on the individual. While your vision is improving, it’s also not uncommon for it to fluctuate for about three to six months, but it does stop. To get the best possible results from the procedure, do not use reading glasses after KAMRA is inserted into your eye. Though you may be busy, it’s also extremely important to attend all post-op appointments that your ophthalmologist schedules for you. Following these directions ensures that your KAMRA Inlay is given the time to heal, and gives your eyes the time to heal and learn to work together.

Want to learn more about the KAMRA Inlay and if it could be a good next step in your journey to improved vision? Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, and find out if you could be a good candidate for a presbyopia correction surgery at Denver Eye Surgeons.

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