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Impact on Lifestyle

The Impact of Glaucoma on Your Lifestyle.

Glaucoma LifestyleGlaucoma can be extremely problematic to your vision, and it is the second-leading cause of blindness in the U.S. Glaucoma now needs to be taken seriously. Once you have been diagnosed with glaucoma you will need to make simple lifestyle changes in order to manage your disease. If you have been diagnosed at an early point the eye doctor will then make a suggested treatment protocol based on taking medication to control intraocular pressure. Once the treatment protocol for medications is administered patients can typically return to a normal life. Taking medication will be critical or the disease can progress. Glaucoma patients typically struggle with integrating all of the medicating times into one day. Successful patients often try to take the medicine or drops at times such as waking, sleep time, or meals and snacks.

Although patients can be depressed at the onset of this disease it is important to not be consumed with the negative aspects. This disease does not have to limit your lifestyle. Continue with regular activities and try not to be consumed with the emotional aspects of having a disease. If you have a business start new initiatives, if you play golf, go hit some golf balls or if you enjoy cooking, try some new recipes. There may some more physical activities such as athletics or driving that will become hard to do. It is common for some glaucoma patients to experience light sensitivity or specific problems with light glare. Because driving can endanger others it is important to discuss this matter with your eye doctor.

Please feel free to consult with our staff or the dedicated surgeons at Denver Eye Surgeons. Since we specialize in treating and managing this disease we have a unique perspective and opportunity to help our patients live with glaucoma. There are many individuals stepping up to help glaucoma research initiatives. After the sports world was shocked with the blindness of sudden MVP baseball star more awareness of this disease has emerged. The eye care community, including the Glaucoma Research Foundation, surges forward in an effort to find better methods to treat glaucoma. Someday there may even be a cure for this disease.

To learn more about Glaucoma please feel free to visit our website page on types of Glaucoma.

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