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Cosmetic Brow Lift

The eyebrows are one of the most expressive parts of our face. They convey our emotions and expressions as much as a smile or a frown; the high brow of someone who is awake, alert, relaxed and calm, the furrowed brow that displays anger, worry or intensity, the fallen brow of someone tired. Women’s brows are typically higher, thinner and arched to peak above the outside corner of the eye. The skin below the eyebrow typically lies above the top of the bony eye socket where an underlying fat pad softens and hides the eye socket. The eyebrow aesthetically frames the eye, with the skin below the brow serving as a large mat which gives the eyes the correct size and attention. Men have lower, flatter brows with much less skin visible beneath the eyebrow.

What is Brow Ptosis?

Age, heredity, and sun exposure contribute to droopy, or ptotic, brows. This is typically most noticeable near the tail of the brow (where the brow tapers to the temple) in an area where the forehead muscle that lifts the brow is weakest. This causes more exaggerated hooding at the outside corner of our eyelids and worsens wrinkles known as crow’s feet.

What is the Treatment?

There are numerous cosmetic surgery techniques designed to elevate the brows and each of these has its own benefits and limitations and should be tailored to each individual's appearance and anatomy. A more subtle lift can be gained from Botox® and fillers.

Techniques may involve a brow lift from the lid crease (blepharoplasty) incision, an endoscopic brow lift (using a small camera and instruments placed through tiny incisions in the hairline), a pretrichial (an incision just in front of the hairline) brow lift, and a direct brow lift (with an incision just above the eyebrow). Cosmetic Surgery is typically performed as an outpatient under a light, intravenous sedation. Minor bruising and swelling typically resolve within the first two weeks.

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