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Cornea TreatmentsThe cornea is the transparent, clear front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. Together with the lens, the cornea refracts light, with the cornea accounting for approximately two-thirds of the eye's total optical power. Medical terms related to the cornea often start with the prefix "kerat.”  Various refractive eye surgery techniques change the shape of the cornea in order to reduce the need for corrective glasses or lenses. In many of the techniques used today, reshaping of the cornea is performed by the excimer laser. These techniques include LASIK and PRK.

Understanding Cornea Diseases

The term “corneal disease” refers to a variety of conditions that affect mainly the cornea. These include infections like herpes simplex virus and bacterial infections from contact lenses and inherited diseases like keratoconus and Fuchs' corneal dystrophy.

If a cornea becomes damaged through infection, injury or disease, the resulting corneal swelling, astigmatism, or scars can interfere with vision by blocking or distorting light as it enters the eye. When there is a deep injury to the cornea, the healing process may be prolonged, possibly resulting in a variety of symptoms including pain, blurred vision, tearing, redness, and extreme sensitivity to light.

If you think you have a corneal disease, please contact us. All of our doctors have the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment to diagnose and treat corneal diseases. We also have a fellowship-trained cornea specialist on staff.

Also, we have a state of the art LASIK facility where our LASIK doctors have performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures, which are done on the cornea. Your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be treated by reshaping your cornea with a laser giving you more independence from glasses or contact lenses. Please contact us if you are interested in being evaluated for LASIK eye surgery.

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