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CataractsCataracts can start with a subtle loss of color vibrancy and contrast sensitivity or they can cause blurring of vision. Left untreated, cataracts can develop further, becoming more severe and leading ultimately to significantly impaired vision which can make it difficult to perform daily activities safely or comfortably.

Early detection through an exam by your ophthalmologist can determine the presence and the extent of a cataract. When symptoms first appear, your doctor may be able to temporarily alleviate the effects of cataracts and improve your vision by prescribing glasses, strong bifocals, or other visual aids. However, cataracts may continue to advance leaving surgery as the only option to restore your good vision. Cataract surgery is performed when your quality of vision affects your quality of life. When you are unable to enjoy daily routine activities such as working, driving, reading, hobbies, etc., because of cataracts, one should consider cataract surgery. Your surgeon will help you make that decision. Please feel free to review our information regarding cataract surgery and feel free to take our IOL self-evaluation TEST.

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