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We Offer a Wide Array of Payment Options.

Denver Eye Surgeons strives to make your eye care and surgical experience as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer you a lot of choices in the way you pay for eye care and surgery services. Our office staff can work with you to select a payment option that fits your finances.

Cash, Check or Credit Card

For any of our eye care services, Denver Eye Surgeons accepts cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders, as well as MasterCard and Visa. Payment is appreciated on the day of service. For LASIK or other eye surgery, you will need to make payment in full on the day of your preoperative exam. Remember, laser vision correction (LASIK) is a tax-deductible medical expense!

Flex Plans

Do you pay into a Medical Spending Account, Cafeteria Plan or other payroll deduction program through your work? If so, you can put money aside in this account to pay for LASIK or other procedures pre-tax. Pre-tax deductions come out of your paycheck before taxes are calculated on your take-home pay. If your company offers such programs, you may pay for your procedure with pre-tax dollars, for savings up to 30% — depending on your tax bracket. To learn more about LASIK flex spending visit our LASIK Flex Spending page.


Denver Eye Surgeons accepts many vision insurance plans. Call our office to ask which insurance plans we work with. Vision insurance programs rarely cover LASIK surgery, though some plans offer discount programs for LASIK. Once we know what plan you have, we will help you get any of the benefits offered under your vision insurance plan.

Payment Plans

If you cannot afford to pay cash or use your personal credit card, Denver Eye Surgeons offers in-office payment plans through UnicornFinancial and CareCredit. These are flexible patient/client payment programs, specifically designed for healthcare expenses. Patients use them for co-payments, deductibles, treatment and procedures not covered by insurance, such as LASIK surgery. Both plans require credit approval, but the approval process is simple — you can get quick approval online or in our office.

The Denver Eye Surgeons plans offer:

  • No interest for up to 12 months
  • No down payment

Care Credit

To apply for CareCredit, you can apply online at

OR – call our LASIK Coordinator at 303.273.8761 for more information and same day credit approval.

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