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intralaseWhen LASIK first arrived as a laser vision correction procedure, a microkeratome with a blade was used to create the corneal flap. Over the years ophthalmologists have found that when complications arise from LASIK, they are typically from a poorly created corneal flap.

Unlike mechanical instruments, the IntraLase blade-free LASIK technology is uniquely able to program the dimensions of your flap based on what's best for your eyes. Instead of a blade, the IntraLase laser creates your flap from below the surface of the cornea-without ever cutting it. This results in more precise and predictable flaps. This process is done in a series of steps:

  • Ultra-fast pulses of laser light position microscopic bubbles at a precise depth predetermined by your doctor.
  • The laser light passes harmlessly through your cornea. Then the laser creates rows of these bubbles just beneath your corneal surface as it moves back and forth across your eye in a uniform plane.
  • Next, the IntraLase laser stacks bubbles around your corneal diameter to create the edges of your flap. These bubbles are stacked at an angle that is determined by your doctor and is individualized to the way your eye is shaped.
  • The process takes only about 20 seconds from start to finish- it's quiet and it's comfortable.
  • Your doctor then gently lifts the flap to allow for the second step of your LASIK treatment, the excimer laser. When the treatment is complete, the flap is gently put back into position and the healing process begins.

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If you are researching LASIK at this point, you are thinking about life without the hassles of glasses and contacts but what about Blade-FREE LASIK? Why would Blade-FREE LASIK be a better choice than conventional LASIK?

Not only do patients prefer the Intralase® Blade-FREE LASIK experience, but there is clinical evidence that Intralase® blade free LASIK method provides more patients with 20/20 vision than mechanical microkeratome methods. It is also considered safer. When making your decision about LASIK there are numerous advantages of LASIK without a Blade, also called Intralase® Blade-FREE LASIK.

IntraLase Advantages:

  •     More precise flap creation
  •     More precise flap thickness
  •     More uniform flap creation
  •     Larger candidacy potential

Having made the switch from the microkeratome blade to the blade-free IntraLase LASIK, our surgeons at Denver Eye Surgeons also believe that blade-free LASIK is the better option.

Are you seeking a Denver blade-free LASIK surgeon? If so, the doctors at Denver Eye Surgeons would like to provide you with an initial consultation to discuss the technological breakthrough and whether this is something that could ultimately help you see better. Many Denver Eye Surgeons patients have undergone LASIK eye surgery using the Blade-FREE LASIK approach and have had remarkable results. During your consultation, our Denver LASIK doctors will be able to discuss our LASIK success rate and show you the cumulative results of our LASIK patients.


Did You Know?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said for the first time it will consider applicants who have undergone two common types of vision-correction surgery: laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, known as LASIK, and photorefractive keratectomy, known as PRK.

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Denver Eye Surgeons' team is like none other. Unlike most LASIK facilities, our surgeons work with you every step of the way. From the evaluation to your post operation visits your surgeon is at your side to ensure your surgery is a success.

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